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Monday, August 22, 2011

Perretti Farms dispersing 160 broodmares in November

From UStrotting.com:

Perretti Farms announces dispersal program

Cream Ridge, NJ --- The complete dispersal of the Perretti Farms equine inventory will occur over a two year period starting in November of 2011 at Harrisburg, it was announced by farm owner William J. Perretti.

A total of 160 broodmares will be dispersed at the Harrisburg Mixed Sale on Friday, November 11, while the weanling crop will be sold as yearlings in 2012 at our traditional Lexington Selected and Harrisburg yearling sales venues.

The 2011 yearling crop will be offered as usual in Lexington starting October 3 and Harrisburg commencing November 7. All yearlings will be available for inspection at the farm as has been the Perretti custom for the past 20 years.

It is anticipated that the broodmares will arrive at Harrisburg prior to the traditional Thursday night changeover in order to be available for inspection on the farm show premises prior to the Friday dispersal.

They can also be inspected at the farm the final week of October.

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