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Leafs Nation Lives Here
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maple leafs off to best start since 1962

50 years ago: A string of 3 straight Stanley Cup victories

The last time the Toronto Maple Leafs started in a calendar year with 4 wins was 1962, the year Bill Barilko's body was discovered at the plane crash site 100km north of Cochrane, ON. Nobody is predicting 3 Cup wins in a row (with parity and 30 teams, highly improbable relative to early 60s), however with the NHL's youngest team skating in Toronto, a few consecutive years in the playoffs may be in the cards. In this new concussion-concussed NHL, a team needs to have 3 or 4 NHL goalies, plus about 30 NHL-calibre players. The Buds have this type of depth, and as the season wears on our youth and vigor wear down opponents, and one can only hope that the Boston Bruins have peaked too early.

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