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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Entries For Burlington Stakes - Four Divisions to go at Mohawk Raceway

Tonight's Burlington Stakes, named after my home town, will see many top NA Cup hopefuls take to the track. The Burlington is considered the major prep for the 2009 Pepsi North America Cup at Mohwak Raceway in Campbellville, Ontario.

Race by Race analysis:

Race Four

Art Colony is firming up and looking more and more like he may be the dominant 3 year old of 2009. Johnny Z, Carnivore, Glad To Be Back and Mysticism would be worth including in a tri key.

$2 Triactor key Art Colony with 4 horses = $24

Race Five

Well Said will be the favourite here but he hasn't yet shown in 2009 that he deserves unbeatable status, and there are nine other colts in this race that can beat him with a perfect trip. Skip this one or maybe box the longest five (m/l odds or post odds) in an exactor box ($1 box of five = $20 for an Exactor)

(Handicapping tip for next week's NA Cup eliminations; a horse that finishes 6th or 7th in this extremely tough division tonight could very well bounce back and win or place next week)

Race Eight

Even though I have bolded five horses and agree that Chasin Racin and Ideal Danny should be the two faves, this is another division where any horse that gets a perfect trip can win.

We'll take a lotto style gamble here and go with a .20 Superfecta box of five: Chasin Racin, Ideal Danny, Millionaire Cam, Straight Shooting and Captain Sir.

.20 Superfecta Box of Five equals $24

Race Eleven

Annieswesterncard may be tougher here than oddsmakers indicate, so let's take him for first and second.

$1 Triactor key Card with Chief, Waffles, Nob, Boro and Bunk = $20

$1 Tri Part-wheel with those five on top, Card 2nd, those five for 3rd (eg. Place key) = $20

Total hypothetical wagering on 4 Burlington Stakes Events: 24 + 20 + 24 + 40 = 108

Here are the entries for the 4 divisions of the Burlington Stakes (BOLDED are those NA Cup eligibles that I feel merit the most attention tonight, and if they race well here, in the elims next week:

4 -- Pace, purse $100,000 (EX, TR, W4)
STARTING FEE $1,500 CDN $1,400 U.S.
Post time: 08:33 P.M. Lasix: 04:18 P.M.
1 Ideal Race Ma Macdonald T Brainard 8-1
2 Johnny Z(L) J Moiseyev B Teague 9-2
3 World Away J Jamieson C Jamieson 30-1
4 Glad To Be Back(L) L Ouellette J Wilkinson 8-1
5 Art Colony J Campbell C Coleman 1-1
6 Carnivore P Macdonell J Darling 7-1
7 Mysticism S Condren S Elliott 6-1
8 Manhattan Bluechip Ra Waples M Austin 15-1
9 Up Front Eli D Miller G Lilley 25-1
10 Surrealist S Filion B Wallace 30-1

5 -- Pace, purse $100,000 (EX, P3, SF, TR)
STARTING FEE $1,500 CDN $1,400 U.S.
Post time: 08:54 P.M. Lasix: 04:39 P.M.
1 Schoolkids J Jamieson T Brainard 7-1
2 Keep It Real S Condren J Shea 7-2
3 Stinger Blue Chip Ja Brewer C Coleman 20-1
4 Vertigo Hanover(L) J Campbell D Marfisi 8-1
5***Lisagain(L) Y Gingras E Miller 5-1 (cog: no test)
6 Stonebridge Terror M Saftic J Darling 15-1
7 Well Said R Pierce S Elliott 2-1
8 Drop Red Ma Macdonald R Horowitz 6-1
9***Arctic Warrior D Miller B Wallace 15-1 (cog: no test)
10 Mr Wiggles(L) C Callahan B Teague 15-1

8 -- Pace, purse $100,000 (EX, P3, SF, TR)
STARTING FEE $1,500 CDN $1,400 U.S.
Post time: 09:57 P.M. Lasix: 05:42 P.M.
1 Suprizemeagain S Filion B Wallace 10-1
2 Bay Of Sharks M Baillargeon B Wallace 10-1
3 Chasin Racin(L) J Campbell B Teague 7-2
4 Ideal Danny(L) R Pierce E Miller 5-2
5 Straight Shooting Ma Macdonald T Brainard 8-1
6 Captain Sir S Condren C Jamieson 20-1
7***Standupnkissme D Miller J Mulinix 7-1 (cog: no test)
8 Millionaire Cam J Jamieson T Osullivan 9-2
9 Fire On The Water P Macdonell M Brethour 12-1
10 Mighty Me(L) J Moiseyev R Furlong 8-1

11 -- Pace, purse $100,000 (EX, P3, TR)
STARTING FEE $1,500 CDN $1,400 U.S.
Post time: 10:59 P.M. Lasix: 06:44 P.M.
1 Ok Boromir L Ouellette F Baker Jr 12-1
2 Barn Art S Filion B Wallace 10-1
3 Waffles And Cream J Campbell T Brainard 9-2
4 Chief Of The Beach J Jamieson C Jamieson 5-1
5 Annieswesterncard R Pierce T Deters 5-2
6 Card Hustler M Saftic R Mcnair 20-1
7***Nob Hill High D Miller W Webb 7-2 (cog: no test)
8 Carson City Road B Kramer M St Charles 10-1
9 Bunkmeister C Callahan B Teague 7-1

View All Entries for Saturday June 13, 2009 at Mohawk Raceway

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